We’ve waited for some real weave-flinging drama for a while, and the gods have finally decided to bless us with Real Housewives of Abuja. The franchise showcases the lifestyles of the wealthiest housewives all over the world, but forget that. We’re here for moments like this…

And this

Oh, let’s not forget this too… 

In 2022, Real Housewives of Lagos delivered peak drama week after week, setting the bar high for the women of Abuja to deliver premium content. So before we get into the show, let’s meet our Abuja housewives.

OJ Posharella 

If you thought Toyin Lawani, AKA Tiannah Styling, had the most unhinged fashion looks in the Real Housewives multiverse of madness, don’t hold your breath because OJ Posharella has entered the building

Just like Tiannah, OJ (real name Ojoma Sule) runs her own company, Posharella Empire, which she describes as a “one-stop store for luxury and finesse”. OJ’s style is a cross between ZeeWorld villain and Dubai heiress. The gist is she’s single, so we don’t have to worry about her wanting to go back home to her husband every three minutes, like Laura Ikeji. 

Samantha Homossany 

One fashionista is not enough, so the show brought in Samantha Homossany, the creative director behind the luxury (everything is luxury in Abuja sha) women’s line, Zohi Taglit. Samantha is also the founder and director of the ASTA Foundation, which empowers vulnerable women and children. 

Samantha is very very private (Sis, why are you on a reality show then?) and married to an Abuja-based Israeli millionaire. God, when? 


Forget P-Valley; we’re going to the FCT-Valley with art enthusiast, Arafa. This mum of twins is the owner of Selara Stiletto Studio, a female-only pole and sensual dance studio in Abuja. The self-described “Jesus/party girl” is also Russian-born and half-Tanzanian (Carolyna/Caroline is shaking in her Louboutins right now). 

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Comfort Booth 

Meet Comfort Booth, the lawyer with a mohawk, who rides a power bike. Comfort is also a travel blogger, social commentator, foodie and host on her radio talk show in Abuja. Comfort doesn’t look she dramatic, but I hope she stirs the pot and instigates drama like our good sis, Iyabo Ojo, from the Lagos branch of Real Housewives


Another interesting housewife to look out for is chef and event curator, Tutupie. The polyglot, who speaks Hausa, Turkish and German, is also the creative director of Urban Day Party. Tutupie is single, so let’s hope we see some dramatic dates on the show, because while we support love, drama comes first. Tutupie believes people think she’s crazy, but she’s not. Well, let’s be the judge of that, sis. 

Princess Jecoco

It seems like every housewife in Abuja is a lawyer because Princess Jecoco is a real life princess, brand ambassador, influencer, YouTuber, and you guessed it, lawyer too. She’s the managing director of Sefcon Group of Hotels, a wife and mother of two. Princess Jecoco describes herself as the “energy goddess” and “ginger mama”. Hopefully, she brings that energy and ginger to the show because we’ll be watching out for it. 

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