We’re all for peace, love, and light, but sometimes, the only way to get your point across and ensure people leave with a lasting memory of you is to roll up your sleeves and engage in a little gidigbo. Nollywood understands this. 

From juju-enabled Mortal Kombat-looking fight sequences to hand-to-hand street fighting, here are all the times Nollywood gave us fight scenes that had us at the edge of our seats.

Isale-Eko’s Mama Ify inspired unrest from “Gangs of Lagos

Kazeem killed Ify and really thought he could get away with it, but Mama Ify said “God forbid” and called for vengeance. Kazeem may not have died in this fight, but they painted the streets red with the blood of their enemies.

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Paul Edima wakes from retirement from “The Black Book

There are little things as satisfying as an old man beating the shit out of younger people that came to disturb his peace and quiet, but when the man is RMD, it’s a thousand times better. After teasing us for the first 50 minutes of The Black Book, Paul Edima finally gets himself together and reminds his enemies who exactly he is.

The final heist from “Brotherhood

Every day for the thief, one day for the SWAT team to avenge their fallen leader and shoot at the Ojuju boys and girl on Third Mainland Bridge. It’s really hard to say who won this fight because the SWAT team left feeling like they had beaten the Ojuju boys and at least two Ojuju boys left with the money they came to steal.

Reggie’s black belt vs Oga Rambo’s street fighting goons from “Far From Home

As if we weren’t already trying to contain our overwhelming crush on Reggie, the writers decided to throw in Zina’s boyfriend taking down the two grown-ass men Oga Rambo sent to terrorize the school. He didn’t win in the end, but he karate-chopped those men into unconsciousness, and we love it.

Odeshi VS Everyone from “Soole

If we ignore all the grunts and groans from Invincible Man, this might be one of the funnier fight scenes from Nollywood. Ifebuchi and other passengers get kidnapped on their way to Enugu and have to fight an odeshi-wielding goon to escape. 

Obviously, they escaped, with no thanks to the gun-wielding Counter Terrorism Unit operatives that happened to be on board with them, and all thanks to Ifebuchi and his cutlass covered with the pee from a virgin.

The slowest and possibly longest fight of all time from “Shanty Town

We understand that the fight scenes are choreographed, but if human beings fought like this on the battlefield, half the human race would be non-existent right now. The fight started slowly. People walked away from the battlefield like they had all the time in the world, and when the time for hand-to-hand combat came, they almost used 2x speed to finish us.

A couple that fights together stays together from “Merry Men 2

AY may have committed a lot of atrocities with the Merry Men franchise, including the glass-shattering VFX scene that happens in the middle of this particular fight, but he also gave us Ramsey Nouah and Damilola Adegbite kicking ass as a unit, and we’re thankful for that.

Ps: If you see the man Ramsey Nouah’s character “drowns” walking out of the pool as soon as Ramsey does, just act like you didn’t.

Mortal Kombat is shaking from “Kesari

One would think a god wouldn’t need to engage mere mortals in hand-to-hand combat, but not Kesari. Maybe it was the anger at being dared by gun and cutlass-wielding humans or the fact that he’d been stuck in a tree for many years and he was tired AF, whatever it was Kesari arrived at that village and let his ancestors down.



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