Big Brother Titans started four days ago, but with the housemates moving faster than their individual and combined shadows, it feels like they’ve been on our screens for an incredibly long time.

What happened in the BBTitans House this week? We’ll do recaps every Monday and Friday, sometimes with tweets to back it up. Let’s begin!

Introducing, the battle of the ships

Everyone has started boarding their ships. Do you want things to get explained to you, or do you want to get lost at sea?

Nigeria’s search for a baddie

Nigerians were almost put to shame, but what Bros J can not do does not exist. After searching for forty days and forty nights, Nigerians finally found a strong baddie contender. Tiri gbosa for the spirit of Pan Africanism.

#BBDetectives discovered the Jack of reality TV

The Circle, Big Brother USA, America’s Got Talent, Are you the one? Name it. Marvellous Marvin is collecting reality shows like they’re infinity stones.

Adults are appropriating baby culture

Yemi and Khosi, Yemi and Yaya, Yemi and Nelissa, Mmeli and Ipuleng, Juicy J and Yvonne, even Kanaga and Tsatsi that were doing brother and sisterly love before, are now babes and babying each other around the house.  Even Love Island couldn’t dream of bringing these many couples together in its first four days. Love at first sight, fr fr. 

Bob the builder finds love

Everyone comes into Bigge’s house with a strategy. Yvonne’s decided brand building and shipping can’t coexist.
But who can stand in the way of love? Maybe Miracle, but not Bob.

Miracle has his eyes set on someone

After what  Juicy J said to Khosi, some of us need that Yvonne and Juicy ship to burst into flames and capsize as soon as possible. And if Miracle can assure that’ll happen, who are we to come in the way of young love.

Friends … with benefits

Can’t a man have friends? Yemi just wants to be friends with his new housemates. What’s wrong with showing love to the people you’ll be living with for the next three months by talking to them in a bedroom voice and rubbing your hands up and down their bawdy?

Some ships are also already shaking??

They’ve been in the house for four days, and the ships have already hit strong tides? Come off it.

Time for work, and the housemates lost their first wager

After preparing for their task like they knew Big Brother personally and they bribed him to let them win, who would have thought the housemates would lose their wager.

New housemates came in

In a bid to spice up the game after four days? Make the housemates tighten their belts? Make that dry-ass pool party fun? I don’t know what biggie’s plan was, but he had new housemates come in dressed as ninjas and do a surprise strip for the OG housemates as their entrance. Biggie, please don’t do it again.

The giants are not gianting

The only thing the housemates have given right now are ships, gossip and a dead-ass pool party. Hopefully, the new housemates can give us something better.

Sisterly love

After playing love for a total of 3 days, Yvonne finally sent Juicy J to the brother zone.

The Three Musketeers – J.O.Y

Introducing Jenni O, Olivia and Yvonne, ironically named “The J.O.Y squad” by yours truly. 

Jenni O, Olivia and Yvonne need to take a quick break from each other, stop having an opinion about everything and everybody in the house, and start talking reality things. Like who would cook for the house, who stole Marvin’s shirts and why Jenny O decided to begin her stay in the house giving low-budget Lekki wife.


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