Nollywood and Oliver Twist might as well be the same person because they never know when to stop. Whenever we get a movie or series the general public likes, they return in 10 years or two with a sequel or a prequel

It’s been five years since Oloture – the story of a journalist who went to look for what wasn’t missing and ended up in the hands of murderous human traffickers – came out. The movie ended with a weird cliffhanger, so EbonyLife decided to give us a sequel. I’ve watched it, and naturally, I have questions.

Does Netflix pay more for series?

I just want an explanation for why I sat down to watch a 3-episode limited series that ended up being an hour and 45 minutes long (yes, I did the maths) and ended with a ridiculous cliffhanger. They could have just given us a film so we know what we’re actually signing up for.

Who pissed off continuity?

Someone on the production team has to come out and say what they did to continuity this season because the lack of fucks given is shocking.

Oloture has on a new and not-so-improved wig. Beauty somehow took down her cornrows and cut her hair on her run from the Benin border into Lagos. They must have swapped buses because the girls who entered the Benin Republic are not the same girls who left Nigeria. Something must have happened to the continuity team. This is too much.

Where did Sandra disappear to after one day?

One minute, Sandra was running the hostel with an iron fist; the next, she had disappeared from Lagos and put her sister in charge of her affairs. Either something was pursuing her, or she was pursuing something; we want to know where she disappeared and how.

I know it’s hot in Nigeria, but why was Chuks always shirtless?

It’s hot AF in Nigeria, and Chuks was having money issues. Still, if he had enough funds to fuel his car and buy the food that gave him the energy to disturb all the women in his area, he had enough to buy a shirt, even if it was okrika.

When did Beauty’s mother move?

One day, Beauty’s mother lives on a desolate, dry land. Two days later, Beauty returns to the house, and everywhere is filled with vegetation and fertile soil. It’s either the people that were sent to kill her mother are  Grade A gardeners, or someone just called us foolish. 

How did Chuks kill Ade so easily?

Yes, I know he used a knife, but did you see how Mr. I-can-send-an-army-of-men-to-shoot-up-your-coaster-bus walked into the scene? He looked like someone with serious money and power, only for Chuks, the pimp, to take him down that easily? Where were his bodyguards? How didn’t he hear Chuks’ heavy boots walking so closely behind him? I need answers!

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Why did Beauty agree to go to Europe again? 

She said she was doing it for her sister, but why? Her sister’s dead, and so is her mother; the people who killed both of them are in Lagos, Nigeria. What is she going to Europe to look for?

Why is Oloture so foolish and naive?

In the history of foolish characters doing foolish things, I fear Oloture might take the cake. She kept her secret hidden from Lagos to Libya, but she meets a fine man named Femi, and that’s who she thinks she can trust?! Not Peju, not Ben or even Victor, but a strange man in a strange land? She should clap for herself.

Will they ever get to Europe?

At first, it was cute, but now I’m getting upset. Oloture better teleport to Europe, remain in one of those African countries, or return to Nigeria before the next season. She’s a danger to herself and her travel companions, and if she makes one more foolish mistake, I will take matters into my own hands and fight her.

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