Why is #FreeAyo the number one trending topic on X today? Who’s Ayo? Why are X users clamouring for his freedom? What’s the role of Toyin Abraham in this situation? This is a full explainer.

(L) Toyin Abraham, (R) X user @47kasz (AKA Ayo)

Around 8 PM on June 9, 2024, X user @jefferybest11 tweeted that Nollywood actress and film producer Toyin Abraham sent some Nigerian police officers to arrest his mum over a tweet he claims to know nothing about. They took his mum to the Panti police division.

In subsequent tweets, user @jefferybest11 stated that the police came to look for him on account of Toyin Abraham’s statement that he bullied the actress. The police didn’t find him, so they arrested his mom and sister instead.

As the situation unfolded, @jefferybest11 contacted a friend and another X user, @47kasz, to share the confusing details. @47kasz went to the Panti police station to verify the story. While there, actress Toyin Abraham called the station to clarify that @jeffreybest11 wasn’t the bully but @47kasz. The story becomes unclear as @jefferybest11 tweeted that @47kasz turned himself in as Toyin Abraham’s bully. The actress requested the police to release the arrested mom and sister, but the mom refused to leave unless the police released @47kasz, whose real name is Ayo.

Toyin Abraham also said that the arrest of @jefferybest11’s mum and sister wasn’t her intention. She only gave the police @jefferybest11’s phone number, which was traced to a phone held by his mum, and they apprehended the woman without her knowledge.

A tweet Ayo (@47kasz) made about Toyin Abraham on June 3, 2024, has now come up. He accused the actress of collecting Tinubu’s money to make her husband’s hair grow again. It’s still unclear if this tweet is evidence of cyberbullying he’s been held for.

In a now-deleted tweet, Toyin Abraham said she planned to forgive Ayo and let the issue go until @jefferybest11 took it to X.

Since this news broke, his mutuals and some other X users have been using the hashtag #FreeAyo to highlight the injustice of his illegal arrest and detainment. They aim to create awareness and garner support for Ayo’s plight. This is what Nigerians are saying about the situation.

Some furious X users took it further and sent emails to Netflix and Prime Amazon, reporting Toyin Abraham’s abuse of power to the streaming giants and asking to remove her films.

Today, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram Live to debunk arresting @jefferybest11’s mom. In the same breath, she vowed to make the “bully” face the law’s wrath; if she goes down, she’s going down with all her bullies. “I want to kpai, I’m ready to kpai, and all my bullies will kpai with me,” she said on IG live.

At 3:40 PM on June 10, 2024, @jeffreybest11 tweeted that a bail process for Ayo (@47kasz) is ongoing.

This is a developing story.



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