5 Questions About Second Chance (From A Non-Viewer)

April 29, 2019

I was in junior secondary school when El Cuerpo Del Desco (Second Chance) premiered on AIT (aka the home of telenovelas in Nigeria) and made 80% of the country lose their damn minds.

Not me though. I never saw it.

A lot of people claimed they loved it because of the storyline but I think it was because of the extremely good-looking cast. Specifically, the actor who played the main character, Salvador.

Now, even though I never watched it, I heard details about it. Enough details to pique my curiosity, but not enough to actually watch the show. So now I have questions.

Questions like:

Where did original Salvador’s soul go when Pedro’s soul took over his body?

Let’s even excuse how fucking rude it is to just knock someone out of their body and take over their life for months. Where did original Salvador’s soul go when Pedro’s soul took over? Limbo? Do you realize how mad confusing and terrifying that must’ve been for him?! Jesus Christ.

Seeing as the show never gave an explanation for what happened, can we assume that it was a mistake made by the angel(s) who handle(s) afterlife proceedings for the recently deceased?

Is this a thing that happens often? If so, heaven really needs performance reviews for its staff. What if he had woken up in a poor person’s body in a country thousands of miles away (as opposed to someone close by)? He never would’ve found his way home.

If it wasn’t a mix-up, why did Pedro (of all the people that die every day) get this opportunity?

Is it because the angels in charge knew he had family secrets to uncover and wanted the problematic events to play out for their entertainment? Ugh, I love messy celestial beings that live for drama!

I heard that Pedro’s much younger wife, Isabel, kills herself and Salvador at the end so they can be together in the afterlife. What if they ended up going to different places?

I mean, she did cheat on Pedro with his employee and married said employee not long after Pedro died. Only for her to MURDER THE EMPLOYEE after she set her sights on a young, hot farmhand named Salvador (possessed by Pedro’s soul). All I’m saying is, she clearly wasn’t a good person, and her going off to lover’s paradise with Pedro at the end was bullshit.

Did anybody even care what original Salvador’s family went through the entire time he wasn’t with them?

Original Salvador’s wife on the phone with the police when he didn’t come home that night.

I mean, they had no idea where he was or what happened. All they knew is that he went to work one day and never came home. Did he run out on them? Did he die? He was the family’s sole provider for God’s sake. Pedro is such a douche for not even sending them money at least.

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