In 2020, the pandemic changed the world. A lot of profitable offline businesses had to close and lay off their employees. With thousands of unemployed in Nigeria and all over the world and the poor economic state of even the leading countries, thousands of people have decided to look for alternative sources of income. And Forex trading has become a response to many. If you are among those who would like to try your skills in this market, learn what qualities a successful trader should possess.

Traits of a Successful Trader

When you look at the traits of a successful trader, it becomes clear that they also have bad days. The main characteristic of a professional is the achievement of a stable result. Consider trading as a professional activity and develop useful qualities in yourself. If you would like the Forex market to become your main source of income, be ready to keep learning all the time. So, find educational resources like the ones provided by Forextime and stay tuned with the publications.

What are the qualities you need to possess?


Discipline is a powerful weapon of a successful trader. Indiscriminate actions cause chaos and lead to a quick failure.


Patience is an important character trait that needs to be developed. As noted by the best Forex traders, it is worth waiting for one profitable deal rather than opening many positions with no effect.


Which is necessary to manage risks, capital, emotions, investments, and the trading process. Such a trader always knows what to do, even if the action leads to a lower profit.


Those who are not interested in trading will not learn to trade profitably. Making a profit will be casual and short-term.


Self-control is achieved when there is a clear plan of action and when a trader is in no hurry to take risks, thinks over every step, even if they see an overbought or oversold market.

How to become a successful trader?

In addition to a deep understanding of market trends and adaptation to trading rhythms, successful traders are distinguished by endurance, consistency, and flexibility of thinking. There are strategies with different levels of risk, but a plan is part of each one. To stick to it, here are the main recommendations for FXTM Nigeria traders who want to be successful:

  • Do not give in to excitement;
  • Determine the income limit for the day;
  • Set the maximum allowable loss level for the day;
  • Determine the optimal number of transactions for one trading session;
  • Take breaks in case of failure.

The stock market is volatile, so you need to have a flexible mindset. But without setting limits on the number of trades, the size of profits and losses, it is hard to maintain a strong position. A scalper can make more deals during the day than a day trader. If you find it difficult to determine the optimal number of transactions — use the limits of income and expenses. They can be set both for one day and a week or a month. But setting limits on days will be analogous to signals for an action (entering a trade or completing a trading process).

Remember to take a break after a failure. For scalpers and day traders, a few days a week is enough. It is necessary because, after the fiasco, you will be tempted to recoup. And when emotion prevails over reason, the likelihood of losing money increases. Plus, traders can make mistakes due to fatigue. Start trading in a calm, relaxed state after studying charts and news.

How to develop the necessary qualities and gain knowledge?

You can develop the traits of a successful trader by communicating with experienced market participants. You will receive valuable advice from them and be able to adopt profitable trading methods. Joint trading on a demo account contributes to:

  • Strengthening self-control;
  • Increased confidence;
  • A better understanding of market mechanisms;
  • Getting the necessary practice.

After completing training practice, you will be able to move on to real trading. As you gain experience, income will increase, and the number of losing trades will decrease. We also strongly recommend keeping a trader’s journal and statistics. Then you will be able to assess the dynamics, react quickly, correct the strategy and promptly seek advice.If necessary, an individual risk manager can be assigned to you, accompanying you at the stage of learning and gaining experience. Select a broker that offers this kind of service to its clients.

Final Words

Trading is a business. And any business does not standstill. You cannot find a formula for success and use it all your life. You will need to track trends and constantly look for new successful solutions. Your commitment and readiness for hard work will lead you to high profits!


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