The only thing that’s constant in life is change. And very few companies have shown the accuracy of this saying better than Carbon Bank. Here are 4 things you need to know about Carbon Bank.

1) Carbon has evolved into a full-fledged bank that everyone needs.

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Yes, from the loan company it used to be, Carbon Bank (as it’s now known) is now a digital bank that offers 360 banking services.

2) Carbon now offers all the banking services traditional banks do, except without the hassles.

Traditional banks have slow processes that often leave you tired and stressed. Being fully digital, Carbon Bank avoids all that. It offers the following services:

  • Online application for/doorstep delivery of debit cards
  • Buy now, pay later at 0% interest (with Carbon Zero, the easiest way to pay for items in small, equal installments. No interests or hidden fees)

3) Carbon Bank takes REALLY good care of your money.

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With features like giving up to 15.5% on savings, monthly interests on bank accounts, and 30 free transfers a month, Carbon Bank is not only dedicated to helping you keep your money safe and intact but also gives you a little something-something to help keep you financially buoyant.

4) The name wasn’t always Carbon.

Carbon was founded in 2012 as a loan company named PayLater. The name was changed later on as the company’s mission changed, in 2015, the year the company made the decision to reach as many people as it could offline. It created a network of field agents whose job was to reach the people who had no access to the internet.

Download the Carbon Bank app for Android or iOS and open an account in minutes. Already have a Carbon Bank account? Apply for a debit card to enjoy the full Carbon Bank experience. Thank us later.


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