There comes a time in man’s life where he must step up and take up the mantle as the head of a home. But to be a good head, you need to find the perfect neck. To all the Nigerian men looking to become husbands before the year runs out, this article is for you. 

So where can you find the perfect Nigerian wife? We have answers.

In another man’s marriage 

The only way to know if a woman will make a good wife is by confirming that she’s a good wife to someone else. This way, you can assess her CV in real time with minimal risk. After you gauge her wifely skills, steal her! After all, it’s always “women supporting women”, not men supporting men. Her husband will be alright. 

Anywhere there is pasta  

Nigerian women can smell good pasta from a mile away. This and being able to ignore red flags are one of their many gifts. If you want to find the perfect Nigerian wife (with good taste), go to the best pasta spot and wait. But, just so you know, women who like pasta rarely do broke boys. To be forewarned….

In church singing, “Carry me dey go my husband house,” at the top of her voice

For a woman to sing this song with her full bosom, omo, just know she’s serious about settling down. She’s literally asking God to carry her to her husband’s house, bro. So what are you waiting for? Visit your local spinster’s fellowship today to find your Mrs. 

In heaven because the beautiful ones are not yet born 

There’s no point looking for what’s not even in existence yet. You may just have to accept that the perfect Nigerian wife hasn’t been born, and manage whatever you’re seeing right now. After all, a bird in hand is worth more than five in the bushes or whatever Chiwetalu Agu says

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Old Nollywood films with Tony Umez 

The perfect Nigerian wife is probably in an old Nollywood film wearing a boubou and praying that God sends her cheating husband (Tony Umez) back to her. A woman who will stand by you and blame your cheating on jazz? N’dorling, please inject it.

In your mother’s prayers 

Your mother has the perfect woman for you. Problem is, this pretty damsel is only available in your mother’s visions. All you need to do now is find a way to manifest her into existence. Light your candles and begin. 

In her father’s house turning semo

Why is a good woman outside? The perfect Nigerian wife should be in her father’s house preparing for her matrimonial home. If you find your wife on the streets, best believe you’ll lose her to the streets. Simple maths. 

In the club shouting “Ameno Dorime”

If you know you want to marry and still go to the club every day, better just marry someone that can keep up with your liver and poco lee legwork. 

In your imagination

You see that perfect wife you keep thinking of? Bro, she doesn’t exist. Know this and know peace. 

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