Nigerian men are trying. All year round, all day long, we’re steady grinding and undeniably the best version of men on the planet. In 2023, we want to rest. We matter too.

So as a man, don’t be pressured to do any of these things this year. Put yourself first. 

Do transfer

Don’t do it. No matter how touching the story is or persuasive the requests are, don’t give anyone money. Put yourself first. Buy a PS5. Buy a car. Let everyone find their square root. 

Make money

The pressure on Nigerian men to make money has gone out of control. This year, show that your value isn’t tied to your bank account. Quit your job. End your business. Be useless. If the people around you don’t love you at your worst, then you can see the problem. 

Work out

First of all, working out is fatphobic. What if you’re not fit? Are you less of a man? All men should come together and decide not to work out this year. Who will beat us?

Fall in love

As a man, why are you showing emotions and staying up by 2 a.m. to talk to someone? Please, sleep. 

Be faithful

Let’s not lie. Men are not destined to be monogamous or bound by the rules of a relationship. This is the year to wake up. Spread your seed. 

Be a responsible father

How would children learn to hustle if you’re there providing everything for them? How would they know the world is wicked if you’re kind to them? Do better, king.

Be well-groomed

“Ohhh… men should have clean nails.” 

“Ohhh… men should use deodorant.”

Says who? SAYS WHO?


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