Sometimes, it feels like the bloom of your youth will never end. You can spend all night going to bar and clubs and be at work by 8am the next day, no shaking. But as time goes on, you start seeing some signs that tell you that you’re quickly approaching the 30+ threshold. Here are 9 sure signs that show you’re becoming a 30+ man.

1. People are asking you to marry

You can’t visit a family function without one aunty asking you when you’re bringing home someone. That’s the first sign.

2. You need three days to recover from one party

When you and the guys decide to go club-hopping or out for drinks but the morning after, your head is banging like they’re doing construction work in your brain. Start taking multivitamins because your 30s are around the corner.

3. You start feeling sleepy by 8.30pm

You used to be able to stay up till 4 am and still wake up by 7 am like nothing happened. But now, you’re already yawning by 8.30 pm and dozing off by 9 pm and you’ll still wake up tired. Sir, that’s 30+ knocking on your door.

4. You start needing naps to recharge during the day

You’ll be in the middle of a serious Zoom meet when you’ll suddenly get the urge to take a quick “power nap”. Sir, hope you’re making pension arrangements because you will soon need it.

5. You grunt when you want to sit down/stand up

If you can’t sit or get up without grunting “thank you, Jesus”, that’s a symptom of 30+.

6. Back pain won’t let you rest

Any small thing, your back will be paining like you carried bags of cement in your dreams.

7. Your knees creak louder than the staircase you’re climbing

You can’t gbese because your knees make a loud crack and pop when you bend down low? 30+.

8. Your stomach is now resting on your laps when you sit down

Your stomach used to be flat, no matter how much you ate. Nowadays, you’re lapping your stomach like a baby when you sit down. Your 20s are over, say hello to 30.

9. You start following the news

You’ve come to the age that whatever is going on in the world is becoming your business so you follow the news like your father followed NTA. All of us will eat breakfast.

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