There are not a lot of hairstyles available to Nigerian men to pick from. We’re either on dreads, a fade, a lowcut, or just totally bald. It’s getting boring. That’s not how it’s meant to be. Look at women. They’ll do the most random shit on their hair, and give it a cool name and before you know it, everyone is doing it.

Men, we need to step up our hair game and here are some hairstyles we 100% recommend.

1. Waves, but a different kind

This might look weird to you now but many amazing concepts and ideas look weird in the beginning. If you’re looking to spend more time with your girlfriend, we strongly recommend this hairstyle for two reasons: First of all, you’ll get to go to the hairstylist together and secondly, you’ll have no choice because your guys won’t want to hang out with you looking like that. Win-win.

2. Just the tip

Send this to your barber and ask him how much it’ll cost to get this haircut. Chances are, it’s cheaper than your normal haircut. This one is perfect for men in their mid-30’s who don’t have the time for one-hour haircuts, but still want to look young and hip to potential mates.

3. The one colour rainbow

Look at this picture and ask yourself why you hadn’t thought about doing this hairstyle all your life. Then go on Twitter and thank Zikoko for always giving you great ideas.

4. The Donut

Don’t begin to regret when in a few years, this hairstyle gets really popular and it wasn’t you who “started it”. Get this haircut today.

5. The ladder

Admit it, you’re on your way to your barber’s shop already. This haircut slaps and it’s not even lowkey.

6. The face cap

The Nigerian sun is not merciful. It will dry up your skin. It will ruin your face. How will you cheat if your handsome face is ruined? Get this haircut today and protect your face from unnecessary skin burns, king.

7. The face cap, but in dreads

You can even style it however you like.

8. The Spongebob house

Who lives in a pineapple inside his head?

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