While your partner might like rubbing your beer belly, you might not exactly like the extra flat you’re keeping downstairs. Apart from keeping putting extra strain on your joint and heart, it can make it hard to fit into your favourite clothes. We spoke to Twitter user @Onflood_, a fitness enthusiast and the proprietor of Ishanfit, a fitness page. He tells us about the best way to get rid of the spare tire around your waist.

1. Eat healthier

“Abs are made in the kitchen,” Onflood says. One of the reasons why men get a beer belly is poor nutrition. Cut back on the carbs, get on proper nutrition and eat healthy to deflate your tire. Cut out fatty/oily foods. Proteins are your friends — they fill you up and digest easily. It’s also a great idea to cut down on your portion size. You don’t have to eat as if you’re preparing for a famine.

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2. Not every time carbonated drinks. Sometimes, water

It’s not just beer that gives you a round belly. Alcohol and carbonated drinks are some major culprits too. Instead of opting for fizzy drinks so much, go with water, because e really no get enemy.

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3. Move your body

While going to the gym alone will do little to help your beer belly, regular exercises can help you drop a few inches from your stomach, says Onflood. Aim for about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

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4. Check your health

“A big belly might actually be a sign of underlying disease, anything from diabetes to irritable bowel syndrome.” If you feel a bit weird about your belly, talk to a doctor about it.

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5. Coffee is actually a friend

Apart from being the only legal “drug”, coffee can help boost your metabolism and help speed up weight loss.

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6. Intermittent fasting

“Although I’m not a big fan because I like eating, intermittent fasting can help reduce your calorie intake which will lead to a reduction in your waistline.”

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7. See a dietician

What you eat is really important, so you should consult with a dietician who would help you figure what foods work for you and which ones you should throw in the bin.

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