The thing is, life is tough. There are bills to pay and things to be responsible for and on top of all these, you still have to pretend that life is not showing you pepper. It might seem like everything is just spiralling downwards but there are a few things you can do to help you organise your life better, taking you one step towards getting your shit together.

1. Do random stuff

Like going to an art museum. It might seem like a waste of time and money but art just has a way of putting things in perspective. 

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2. Manicure your nails

People that are suffering always have rough nails. If your nails are neat and trimmed, it makes it seem like your life is okay.

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3. Have a skincare routine

You might be crying as you’re doing your skincare routine every night, but at least you’re doing it.

Skin Care for Black Men | Tiege Hanley

4. Wear trad.

For some reason, people always think men that wear trad have figured their lives out and have serious money. This is the best way. Wear trad today.

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5. Go to the gym regularly

People who go to the gym regularly always seem like they’re doing something right in their lives. At least when they see you sweating on your way back, they’ll know that things are happening with you.

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6. Spoil yourself 

Life is tough but try dey enjoy small small. It’s okay to take yourself out to dinner or buy yourself something you’ve always wanted.

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