This Is For Professional Time Wasters At The Office

January 24, 2017

1. So you’re not in the mood to be productive at the office today.

2. And you need ideas to waste time but seem very busy while doing nothing.

3. As usual, we are here for you.

4. First of all, take the longest route to work and complain about how terrible traffic is.

5. Then set meetings… for everything.

6. During the meetings, ask for clarification and then ask stupid questions, to make sure the meeting lasts long.

7. After the meeting, set a follow up meeting to discuss what you just discussed at the meeting.

8. Then it’s time for lunch, and you must use your full hour.

9. After lunch, catch up with the group chat.

10. Then look for the easiest task on your to do list and do it.

11. Then start a debate in your department, especially one you know your manager is invested in.

12. Before you know it, time has gone, so carry your load and go.

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