Nigerians, Can You Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Nostalgic?

May 5, 2016

1. The joy of playing suwe:

All day. Everyday.

2. That pain you feel when you see any of these cards:

Pick 2, Pick 3, and General Market!

3. The game of life.


4. The struggle to get all the rings on:

Mission Impossible.

5. How you feel after beating this monster:


6. The only biscuits that mattered:

Speedy was the best. Don’t argue.

7. The candy of life:

The chocolate part was the best.

8. Bazooka Joe and his gang:

Not sure if we miss the comics more than the gum itself.

9. Doing this at the end of every Owambe:

Stacking the chairs and feeling like a king.

10. The official school gear:

Every. Single. One.

11. When maths was still simple.

The good old days.

12. The first car we ever drove:

The best.

13. The realest game we ever played:

See the formation.

14. Tuning to NTA before 4pm and seeing:

…and that sound.

15. The funniest show ever:

A classic!

16. Our 9pm appointment with AIT:

We still haven’t forgiven AIT for not finishing it.

17. The Channels TV Sunday roaster:

Can’t even count how many times we watched Matilda and Jumanji.

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