How To Attend And Enjoy An Owambe Party Properly

February 10, 2016
Have you ever attended an owambe and felt you did not enjoy it? You probably did a couple things wrong! But don’t worry we made a list on how to boss an owambe properly and thank us later.

1. Pick your outfit two months before

You sure do not want to have to do this too late. Picking the right outfit for an owambe is a vital key. This is where you choose to go with either the aso ebi or go neutral.

2. Get your Aso-ebi and give your tailor two months before

Another synonym for undependable is nigerian tailors. Give them two months in advance and pay for express. You sure don’t want to be the odd one out on that day when everyone is dressed in the “uniform”. Don’t be the different person.

3. Make sure you arrive slightly late

Relax on your punctuality standards for this day. You want to arrive roughly sixty minutes after the event has started. Everyone has to see you make an entrance with your squad.

4. Get the attention of the praise singers

You know those talking drummers outside? Give them about N500 and make them drum behind you till you get to the entrance. What a grand entry. Now you’ve been noticed by the guests, servers and maybe celebrant.

5. Never forget your IV

You get to the entrance. Never leave your IV at home. If it’s a strictly by IV owambe you will want to put it inside your cap or your handbag two days before. What’s the point of it all if you can’t get in?

6. Choose a seat close to the middle

Research shows that, the servers are always instructed to start serving from the middle. Why? Because that is where the closest relatives are seated close to the podium and celebrant. You get served among the first people with the best food and drinks.

7. Tip one of the waiters

Once you spot a waiter that is “shining eyes”, tip one of them and this will guarantee a constant flow of food, drinks and anything that is served during the event. Everyone has a price.

8. Ensure people see you greeting the celebrant/main focus

You sure do want to appear in the official photos, and let everyone know you didn’t beg for an invite or force your way in. Make sure people see you laughing with the celebrant(s). More cool points added or photo for an Instagram post.

9. Never take malted drinks first

Number one rule: never do this. You drink a malted or carbonated drink and you get filled up with gas. It’s the caterers trick so you don’t eat too much. Drink water instead save enough space for the food.

10. Don’t take photos of your food please

Please, don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t go looking like a nuisance raising your phone to take a food photo at a party. It drops a huge chunk in cool points. Is it your first time, eh?

11. Don’t sit down when its time to dance

This is one of the fun parts at an owambe. When the Dj starts dropping those fire tunes, make sure you bring your shoki, shakiti and favorite dance steps from wherever and drop them. Tip: Have a few drinks first for maximum fun.

12. Never leave early

It is standard, the party really does start at the time when it says it will end on the IV. That is when the dance floor gets heated, the remaining food gets put out and the best drinks emerge. You don’t want to miss this part for anything!

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