How many times have you heard a person say things like “It is well”, “Nothing do you” “No shaking” when you know at the back of your mind that there is absolutely no assurance that something will not do them. I mean, it’s just life, and things happen. So, how can you not be covered?

This reminds me of the time when I tried to speak to my friend Chinedu about the importance of getting auto insurance, especially with his sub-standard driving skills. He told me right to my face to mind my business and leave auto affairs to men like him, saying “no worry, if e happen, we go run am”. 

So, imagine my surprise when he called me on a random Sunday afternoon begging to borrow 150K for car repairs as he had just been involved in an accident with a car. I could even hear the third party fuming in the background. I had to ask Chinedu “ Shebi you be man, oya run am now” but apparently neither he or his car could run it. 

Or is it the time when my sister, the “It is well” warrior, was losing staff to a seasonal flu which made her pay their hospital bills out of pocket? Mama kept on shouting “It is well” with every bill when in reality all was not well and she was losing money. It was just “sorrows sorrows prayers” every time. After the third bill she jazzed up and turned to the health insurance plan I had been telling her about. 

These experiences have taught me that getting insurance with MyCoverGenius is a decision that requires no second thought. With MyCoverGenius’ quality and affordable health insurance, you can secure medical coverage for yourself, your business and loved ones for as little as ₦2,500 a month. The onboarding process is simple and seamless. They provide 24-hour Telemedicine support for expert consultations, avoiding second-guessing symptoms. So hurry up and sign up at to experience the peace of mind that comes with being protected.

Remember, it’s not just positive vibes that can shape your future; it’s also the actions you take to safeguard your well-being. Choose MyCoverGenius for comprehensive health insurance coverage you can rely on. 


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