With the naira redesign and ensuing shortage of cash, many are now stuck with old notes. If you’re one of such people looking for what to do with your old notes, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

Give El-Rufai 

He’s still saying people should keep using the old notes, so just give them all to him. Let him change it for you. 

Trade with an akara seller 

Food has cost, and times are tough. Old notes are the new old newspapers, so why not try swapping them for some akara? At least, if you can’t buy food with them, you can use them to collect food. 


Harmattan is kuku back so there’s more dust. CBN saw this coming and introduced the naira redesign just so you can use your old notes to dust your clothes and shoes. 

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When you can’t put on your AC because there’s no fuel, use the old notes to clean your sweat and tears. 

Sew cloth 

If you can’t afford the ₦25,999 Adedoyin dress those money launderers fashion designers sell on Instagram, use your old naira notes as fabric for new clothes. 

Make a wig 

Is it in this economy you want to be spending ₦150k on bone straight bob? Better tear your money and get to wigging. 

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Wrap your notebooks 

Brown paper is hard to find these days, so use your old naira notes as an alternative.

Keep for your children and grandchildren 

Let them rate you as the parent or grandparent who cares about teaching them Nigerian history. You sef, don’t you want to tell someone, “Back in my day”? 

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