In as much as we all try to be responsible adults, there are times when you party like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately for you, work is tomorrow. Now, you have to navigate a hangover while being a slave to capitalism. Here’s what to do:

1) Keep drinking

It’s only a hangover if you stop drinking. Turn the alcohol into your water bottle and be taking tiny sips throughout the day.

2) Just don’t go to work

Work is for the living and the hangover kills you, what’ll happen next? Stay in your house, eat some good food and just sleep. If they fire you, they fire you. Life goes on.

3) Close early

You’re battling principalities and powers, why will you stay till the end of the work day?

4) Ignore your coworkers

With all the things worrying you, you can’t add the annoying coworkers into the mix. Just do your work and leave everyone to their devices.

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5) Ask work bae to cover for you

What’s the point of having a bae in the office if they can’t do your dirty work for you? Work bae should rise, please.

6) Take Zikoko quizzes

Your brain can’t handle high stress activities, so why not take time finding out what weird food combo you should try. Take some Zikoko quizzes and destress.

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7) Resign

Someone who doesn’t have work to do, won’t have to worry about working with a hangover. You might be broke, but that’s a problem for tomorrow.


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