These Are The Different Types Of People You’ll Meet In An Elevator

November 28, 2018

We don’t know what it is about elevators that brings out the awkward side of people but we think it’s hilarious. If you are one of those people who elevator rides feature in your day to day life we are pretty sure you’ve met everyone on this list.

The ones with strong body odor that want to kill you before your time.

Some will even have mouth odour on top and will be trying to make conversation.

The talkative ones who want to turn the elevator ride into a job interview.

From when they enter to when they get off they’ll talk non stop

The one who will still be trying to make phone calls when they know there’s no service.

This your call can’t wait 5 minutes abi?

The one will press the number of their floor ten times.

Oga that’s not how it works please don’t spoil the button

Then the one who even forgets to press their floor number when they enter the elevator.

They will now be looking confused when the thing passes their floor.

Those ones that it will be only two of you in the elevator but they will still want to enter you.

Aunty abeg shift small, see space.

The one that’ll see that the elevator is already full but will still try and squeeze inside.

When the thing doesn’t move they’ll now form unlooking. Sir please get down and wait for the next one.

The one that will take it upon themselves to become the elevator operator. They’ll stand beside the button panel and be asking anyone who enters what floor they are going. 

But who sent you?

Then there is your elevator friend, the one you see in the same elevator at the same time everyday.

That’s how people become besties.

Then there is the one who will carry twenty bags.

There won’t now be space for more than three people to enter the elevator.

There is always the one who cannot just stay in one place.

Before you know it they have stepped on someone next thing they have put elbow inside someone’s eye.

The one who you just know is the Oga in the building.

You can see from their face that they almost want to tell everyone else to come down from the elevator. They’ll also have a P.A. carrying their bags.

The ones who’ll be pressing phone until they miss their floor.

Can’t lie we’ve all been guilty of this at least once sha.

The couple that will now want to start acting romance film in the elevator.

Abeg shift the rest of us have places to go.

The one who always gets off on the first floor.

Oga why you no just use stairs exercise is good for the body.

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