1. So you’ve been at work for a while.

Now part of the establishment!

2. You’ve made friends and gotten good work done!

As a star!

3. In fact your boss has been complimenting you.

Of course! You’re the best!

4. Next thing, you start getting some more work.

Little by little.

5. And being asked to take the lead on certain assignments and projects.

Wow! Adulthood is that you?

6. Now your head is swelling, like:

“I’m a big boy now!”

7. And you are walking with extra pride, like:

All the haters, get out the way!

8. But that means you have to work later hours sometimes.

Na wa oh!

9. And even come in to work early as well.

Is this life?

10. It also means you have to take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Ah no please!

11. And even chop insult inside official emails.

Is it me they are calling inept?

12. And then the salary increase might not even be worth the wahala.

Look at this small change!

13. Or there is no extra salary just title.

Na wa for human beings sha!

14. But when you start stressing too much, you remember that you have a job.

In this economy!

15. And you’re good at it!

Very good sef!

16. So shame to bad people! You will survive!

Over survive sef.


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