1. When someone adds you to a group chat you don’t want to be a part of.

Who begged you please?

2. When people are just saying rubbish in the group chat.

Don’t you have work to do?

3. When there are so many people in the group chat you can’t follow the conversation.

So stressful!

4. When people you aren’t very familiar with in a group chat start abusing your family members.

No home training abi?

5. When it’s a family group chat and the adults start arguing that the younger generation don’t greet.

Are these ones okay at all?

6. When it’s a holiday planning group chat and people that were the most vocal about planning are quiet when it’s time to pay.

Can you imagine?

7. When it’s a bridesmaid group chat and there is argument over the bridal shower.

Can these people just marry so the group can be over?

8. When your parents start sending useless broadcasts in the nuclear family group chat.

Stop it please!

9. When your parents use group chat to ask you to come and change the tv channel.

Is that what we are here for?

10. When you want to leave a group chat but you don’t want them to see “Saworoide has left the group”.

Is this life?


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