Every 90’s kid remembers this legendary Royco advert from the days of Superstory and ThisLife

We all loved it, but it turns out we’d been sitting on meme material for almost a decade and we didn’t know. Now, the husband has turned into a huge curve-meme.

1. When someone is bringing their rubbish towards you

2. When telcos start with their caller tunes wahala

3. Who potential help?

4. Nigerians, when Daddy Bubu wants to start in 2019

5. When your salary is peanuts and you can’t even risk it

6. All coke lovers be like:

7. These guys are the worst!

8. When you’re in a monogamous relationship with your barber

9. When your pastor wants to stain you

10. Heaven is THAT PLACE!

11. Nobody wants to drink hot Fanta

12. This must be nice!

13. When MMM just finished scamming you and NNN people start their own


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