1. Look at this gele spread out like a perfect fan!

So gorgeous!

2. Madam Kofo’s geles are legendary for a reason. I mean look at this!

If a regular gele is a standing fan, this is an air conditioner.

3. This extremely cute gele with flower petal edges.

Very pretty!

4. This bow-like gele Asa wore to a wedding!


5. This gele reminds us of the tower of Babel!

How high can your mummy’s gele go?

6. When the gele wearer is a friend of the bride and groom.

Before they say someone is partial!

7. This “ring-a-roses” gele!

Who is in the garden?

8. This teal gele is the class captain of geles worldwide!


9. This patriotic fascinator – style gele!

Very beautiful!

10. This extra wide gele worn by the one and only Yemi Alade!

Senior girls gele!

11. This orange creation solely for madams and big girls!

Imagine sitting behind this gele in church!

12. Another avant garde gele!

Snazzy little number!


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