1. First of all, once you start dating the girl, just know that you’re dating her whole family too.

They are your main family now.

2. The only acceptable way for you to beg for your girl’s hand in marriage.

3. Prepare yourself for the bride price and all other side things.

N 1 Million, plus 5 cars and 10 goats.

4. How you should react when you see the long list.

Because that  is your only  goal in life.

5. You, when your father-in-law asks if you’re rich.

You cannot come and suffer his daughter.

6. How you should start forming religious when your father-in-law is around.

In fact, pastor is your middle name!

7. Are you even aware that you’re working to pay your wife’s siblings’ school fees?

What else are you working for?

8. You, carrying your wife’s family to America for the holidays.

It is your duty and responsibility!

9. Don’t ever say things like “I don’t have money” to your in-laws.

Your mates that have, do they have 2 heads?

10. When your own family starts asking you for money, you’re like:

They don’t know you’re now married abi?

11. Remember to buy Christmas clothes for all the children in your wife’s family.

You are the newest Father Christmas in town!

12. How you should run to your in-laws’ house when their generator is not working.

Don’t let them waste money on any useless mechanic.

13. When it’s sallah, you have to give your in-laws all the rams you can buy.

Abi you don’t want them to eat sallah meat?


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