1. So I was in a church service last week and it was fantastic!

2. The ushers shook me and it was like God himself welcomed me.

3. Then the choir was on point, singing like heavenly choristers!

4. And the man of God had preached one wonderful word!

5. He used all his veins to preach and was sweating viscously by the end of the sermon so I know.

6. It was all round fantastic!

7. Then it was offering time, blessing time!

8. I was so motivated by the sermon and the whole service I decided I must give.

9. So I put my hand in my wallet, and dropped something for the Lord!

10. That’s when I realised I had dropped my last 1000 naira!

11. Hay God!

12. I was supposed to use that money to go home, buy lunch and small credit.

13. So after service I went to the church office.

14. I then asked for my change.

15. This is how they were looking at me.

16. So I repeated myself!

17. Ladies and gentlemen I received another sermon oh!

18. And the moral of the story was that the Lord will repay me.

19. So no credit, no lunch and I trekked home!


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