1. The Nigerian provisions starter pack:

If you don’t have all these, you’ve not started.

2. The official padlock for stingy students:

The worst people.

3. When you’re with your Nasco and you see someone chowing Kelloggs.

Please be going.

4. You, the first time they jacked your locker and stole your provisions:

Just leave me to die here.

5. When you beg your guys for provisions and they say they haven’t launched it yet.

Is this one mad?

6. When you’re the only one in your dorm that got provisions on visiting day.

As a bad guy.

7. When seniors see you entering the hostel with provisions.

It’s all over.

8. When a senior gives you bowl to go and fill with milk.

God, why me?

9. When you get back from class and catch someone trying to jack your locker.

You don enter am today.

10. When you open your provisions and people with spoons start appearing like:

Who are these ones?

11. When you’re the only one in your room left with provisions.

Oya beg me.

12. When they steal provisions from the stingiest person in your room.

God is good.

13. How you look at people that take their unopened provisions back home:

Na wa for una.


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