1. When you don’t want to go out but you hear “free food”.

My body is ready.

2. When you go for a buffet and someone tries to enter your front.

Better respect yourself.

3. When your mother starts doubting your stomach.

4. When the person serving food at the owambe keeps passing you.

See my life.

5. When the caterer tries to block your blessing.

Better face your front.

6. Your plate at every owambe:

Can’t dull it.

7. When you follow your friend to a fancy restaurant and you see the tiny portions.

Am I a goat?

8. When there is still flesh on your bone and your waiter tries to clear your plate.

You want to die, ba?

9. When someone wants to take you on a date that doesn’t involve food.

Are we in the abroad?

10. Your monthly food budget:

Food is the most important, abeg.

11. When you buy take-away but finish the food before you get home.

Don’t judge me.

12. When your friend says you spend too much money on food.

Face your front.

13. Nigerian mothers: “…when you’re always eating.”

Hay God!

14. When you dish your food and one aunty comes to say “for you alone?!”

Please, go to your house.

15. When your siblings eat the food you kept in the fridge.

Blood is not thicker than food oh!

16. When the person saying grace for food starts praying too long.

Can we eat, biko?

17. You, leaving every party with food like:

I cannot carry last.

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