When all your guys suddenly started betting and you were just looking at them like:

See your lives.

Then your account balance finally made you swallow your pride.

Hay God!

You, doing permutation and combination before placing your very first bet.

No time.

You, after your first straight bet clicked.

It has started.

You, adding “Data analytics and Forecast Expert” to your CV after your second bet clicked.

I sabi the work.

You and Live Score:

Your new bestfriend.

Whenever your first game spoils your slip.


Whenever you hear gist of people that used N100 to win 3 million.

Let’s hear word.

When you go and place 10 slips praying that at least one will enter.

Baba God, do it for your child.

You, watching all of them cast one by one.

Why me?

How you look at the team that still managed to mess up your double chance bet:

So useless.

When you finally place one high risk bet but you swear you’ve picked a winner.

This is my time.

You, wondering whether you should tell your guys or chill and chop alone.

Nah! Them no born me with anybody.

You, looking at your expected winnings when none of your games have casted.

My testimony is loading.

When your slip is remaining just one game.

God, hear me oh!

You, calculating what you will use all that money to buy.

I will ball sha.

When by half-time it’s still 1-1 and you put straight win.

What is this?

When you refresh Live Score and 86th minute nothing has changed.

My enemies want to shame me.

Then 93rd minute, your village witches allow the other team score.

I’m dead.

You swear you’ll never bet again, but Bet9ja and Nairabet are there looking at you like:

You’ll be back.


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