1. You, the night before you go to apply for a visa.

Baba God, do it for your child.

2. You and Visa forms.

The stress.

3. When you get rejected by some countries and you’re just there thinking about your life.

Is this my life? Even this skreppy country is rejecting me?

4. The moment you realize your passport is lowkey just a wallet for visas.

When will it get better, ehn?

5. You, praying that the immigration officer suddenly becomes colour blind.

He shall see blue in Jesus’ name.

6. What the line for foreign passports looks like in a new country:

What is all this?

7. How immigration officers look at you when you bring out your green passport:

Oh God!

8. Your face, whenever they detain you at a foreign airport.

Why always me?

9. You, looking at the countries that you don’t need a visa to enter.

Is this a joke?

10. When countries in the same Africa as you are still asking for a visa too.

In my own continent again?

11. You, watching your friends with blue and red passports plan summer holidays.


12. Whenever citizens start misbehaving around you.

Abeg oh! I know the colour of my passport.

13. When you want to enter your own country and they are answering people with blue and red passports first.

What the hell?


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