1. When people don’t believe you’re actually twins because you’re not identical.

Hian! Identical twins are not the only kind.

2. When people constantly refer to you as “the twins”.

We have names sha.

3. How people stare whenever you go out with your identical twin.

You can’t tell us you’ve never seen twins before.

4. The stupid questions:

5. When you first learnt about Mary Slessor.

God bless you, ma.

6. Your face, whenever someone calls your mother “Iya Ibeji”.


7. When someone wishes your twin “happy birthday” and forgets you.


8. When your parents still try to buy you guys the same outfit.

You people should behave.

9. When you just let people call you your twin’s name because you don’t have energy to correct them.

I can’t, abeg.

10. When someone you’ve never met starts acting familiar and you realize it’s your twin they know.

Well, this is awkward.

11. You and your twin, whenever someone makes a P-Square joke.

Do  better.

12. How you feel when you play tricks on people and they actually chop it:


13. Whenever people ask “who is older?” and “…by how many minutes?”

How e take concern you?

14. Whenever someone tells you “I wish I had a twin.”

Why are you now telling me? Am I Jesus?

15. When you’re trying to convince someone that you’re you and not your twin.


16. When you do something bad and sharply blame it on your twin.

What are you now there for?

17. How you feel when even your own parents confuse you for your twin.

No be you born us again? Co-written by Zikoko Contributor, Obeyaa Atta


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