1. When she calls you to assist her in the kitchen:

Hello ma there is no need to shout I’m here.

2. When she feels you aren’t eager enough to sweat and suffer in the kitchen

You better open those your teeth and be happy to be part f the process oh!

3. But when you are excited to learn, she’s like:

Let’s go!!

4. When she get’s angry with you for not being able to do something you’ve never done before.

But mummy I’ve never done this before how am I supposed to know how?

5. When you know how to do some things without tutoring, your mother is like:

Ehen! That’s my child!

6. How she looks at you when you forget to add MAGGI:

Mummy plis don’t kill me.

7. Her reaction when you add too much salt:

“And you know your father already has high blood pressure kuku kill all of us.”

8. When she starts gisting you about something random while you’re cutting pepper.

You have to be too careful not too laugh too much and cut yourself.

9. You cutting onions:

Tears everywhere!

10. Your mother cutting onions:

Always cool, calm and collected!

11. When she holds a hot cooking spoon barehanded like it’s nothing:

Is she superwoman? She must be superwoman!

12. When you try to do the same thing:

“It’s not that it’s paining me, water just likes coming out of my eyes.”

13. Your mother when you take the pot off the fire too early:

“So we should eat raw food because you want to finish on time abi?”

14. Her reaction when you forget the pot on the fire:

“Please explain to me where I got you from.”

15. When you follow all her instructions but the food is not sweet.

Which kind of problem is this?

16. How your mother watches your movements in the kitchen:

Please don’t kill yourself on my watch oh!

17. When you try to make a suggestion.

“Now you know more than me abi!”

18. When your suggestion works she’s like:

“Ahhhhh okay I see.”

19. When you misbehave after messing up in the kitchen your mother is like:

“You kuku don’t know how to do anything”

20. When you finally master something she taught you, you’re like:

I am now the master!

21. And she’s like:

But all jokes aside, Nigerian mothers are the best and as MAGGI turns 50, we want to celebrate the women who have been using MAGGI to create amazing meals for their loved ones.

The big idea for the MAGGI 50th anniversary campaign is: Let’s Celebrate. We intend to do this primarily by sending gift boxes containing specially curated ingredients and gifts to women influencers pan Nigeria & beyond for trusting MAGGI in the past years, and in the future ahead. Clink the link below to learn more.


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