1. So you’re broke and you’ve been waiting for your salary for days

This is you waiting for alert to enter.

2. Immediately you hear the alert, you’re like

My joy is now full again.

3. How you run to send some money to a separate savings account before you use your money to do rubbish

That’s the only thing that gives you total peace of mind.

4. When you want to shop and you remember sales racks are better than any thing in this life

And people think you don’t have sense.

5. You’re wise enough to know that not everytime eat out, in fact everytime there is rice at home

6. When you see people advising you to use all your money to “live in the moment” you’re like:

Just stop talking.

7. This is you when your onigbese friend comes again to “borrow” money

If you don’t vamoose!

8. How you sleep knowing brokeness will never be your portion

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