1. How you check your face first thing in the morning.

God please, no pimples today o!

2. When you feel a nasty pimple dragging space on your face.

Oh my God!

3. How you talk to your crush because pimples will not let you prosper in life.

Don’t see my pimples biko.

4. How you vex and pack all the pimples products you can find in this life.

This rubbish must end today!

5. When the products only worsen your condition.

Why me?

6. When you hear your crush saying they can’t date someone that has pimples.

I feel pain in my chest!

7. When people start telling you ridiculous things to use for your face.

Ahn ahn cow poo bawo?

8. How you look away when you see oily foods you love, but cannot eat.


9. How you look when you finish painting your face with dusting powder at night.

The struggle.

10. When you forget to use concealer on your face before leaving the house.

My enemies are at work!

11. When you finally get a product that woks for your skin.

I serve a living God!


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