1. So after weeks of phone calls and thousands of messages…

2. …. And gazing at each other with love struck puppy eyes.

3. Your crush finally asks you on a date.

4. One of your daft friends suggests you say no so he doesn’t think you are easy.

5. But you know that one is an enemy of progress so you ignore her.

6. You, searching for something to wear.

7. When you get to the restaurant and see him looking cuter than you remember.

8. And the conversation is even better than before.

9. You, trying to decide what to eat.

10. When he goes to the bathroom and hasn’t come back after 45 minutes.

11. You, realising you’ve been left to foot the bill.

12. When your friends ask you how the date went.

13. When next someone asks you out to dinner, you’re like:


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