1. When that friend that never drops money comes on Friday to ask if there is turn up.

See this one.

2. When you get to Quilox and the bouncer says the place is full because celebs are around.

Hay God!

3. Your face, when a bouncer slaps one of your guys.

Someone cannot play with you again?

4. You, showing your guys the best part of the fence to jump in from.

We must do this turn up.

5. When they finally let you and your squad enter.

Yes Lord!

6. When you hear how much they are selling Rosé but you still act like you’re considering it.

Just wait first.

7. When you see the babe you came with rocking Iyanya upstairs in VIP.

Is this my life?

8. You and your guys, scanning the area for all the fine babes.

Let’s plan this thing.

9. You, when some idiots start breaking bottle and fighting.

Na wa! Just like that?

10. When your squad is managing 2 bottles of Henny and you see some Yahoo boys popping basins of Moët.

Allow us be great, abeg.

11. When you see your bill after ordering just 3 plates of snail.

Are you mad?

12. You, trying to price Olosho.

How much last?

13. When you and your guys see the person that sold you fake Henny.

See the bastard.

14. When you get home and finally see what Quilox did to your account balance.

Hay God!


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