1. When you say “I love you” and your boyfriend says “I love you” without adding “more”.

2. When you and your boyfriend go out and he’s busy greeting different babes of different shapes and sizes.

3. When your boyfriend asks you what you want to eat and you say “nothing” and he buys food for only himself.

4. When you ask if you look fat in a dress and he says “hmm somehow yes”.

5. When he gets angry that you pick food off his plate.

6. When your boyfriend falls asleep on the phone just because you fell asleep first.

7. When you use style to point out the shoes you would like for christmas but he still buys you books.

8. When his mother insults your cooking and he comes to tell you.

9. When you guys are roasting each other but then some of his insults start getting a bit too personal.

10. When he compares you to one of his ex girlfriends.

11. When your boyfriend gets angry because you got married to someone else without telling him.


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