1. When you see her out in public but you’re not ready to make up yet.

Nope, not yet.

2. When she cracks a joke but you are still fighting so no laughter from you.

She thinks she is funny abi?

3. When someone suggests you be the bigger person and apologise.

Bigger person ko, bigger person ni!

4. When you see her hanging out with someone else.

Judas the betrayer!

5. When there is gist and you are waiting for her to apologise before you tell her.

Oya oh!

6. When your parents ask about her, you’re like:


7. When someone thinks because you guys are fighting they can come and gossip about her to you.

If you don’t get out of here before I give you elbow.

8. When you finally make up after all the shakara.

No more fight!

9. When you are catching each other up on all the gist that happened during your fight.

“In fact ehn…..”


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