1. When you fail in school and your father says he doesn’t understand how a child of his can be so stupid.

Ah! Me! Seed of your loins!

2. When you do something wrong and your parents whoop your ass so hard you start to question your origins.

Where did I really come from?

3. Or they have you do some really insane punishments.

These people don’t really love me sha oh.

4. When you’re coming back from church with your parents and you ask to go to Mr. Biggs because you’re hungry but they tell you to shut up because there’s rice at home.


5. When you mistakenly give your mother attitude and she’s like, “I brought you into this world and I CAN take you out of it!”

They can’t play with you again?

6. When they find out that you snuck out of the house to see your boyfriend/girlfriend and they’re like, “We know we did not raise an ashewo”


7. When your sibling does something wrong and blames it on you and your parents don’t believe you when you tell them the truth.

My real parents would’ve believed me.

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