1. Gathering every document the night before into ‘my clear bag’ or this:

Can’t afford to miss anything.

2. Keeping everything to yourself.

Paranoia is the beginning of wisdom.

3. Rehearsing your answers before the D-Day.

Saying it over and over and over.

4. Selecting your outfit:

Let them know you need this visa.

5. Interview Morning: The Prayer Session.

You scream and shout so God will hear.

6. “Oga do you have passport? Come its just N2000 for three.”

You say?

7. “Come let me help you cross check your documents.”

Don’t come and  put your bad luck on my passport.

8. Oh! The loooong queue.

So we are plenty that want to leave like this.

9. Waiting for your turn and you’re number 233C and they are on number 31A.

So, I’m going to grow old here.

10. That person sitting by you constantly asking stupid questions.

“So you want to go abroad, abi?”

11. When you can see people fumbling but you try not to laugh.

Life na turn by turn.

12. Realizing one consular is mean and has denied everyone since 7am.

Please God.

13. …and he is the one to interview you.

Why is this my life?

14. When they ask you “what is the purpose of your trip?”

See question.

15. …and you explain like it’s your project defense.

Remaining to bring out powerpoint sef.

16. That long wait as they type everything in their computer.

*wondering what the hell they are typing*

17. “We have reviewed your application…”

“Please I’m begging you.”

18. “…and you do not qualify for this visa at this time.”

God, why me?

19. The humility, pain, sadness, and anger as you walk out.

See my life.

20. …and you remember you won’t be changing your BBM and Twitter location.

Just leave me to cry here. Written by Zikoko contributor @t0bismith.


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