1. When you realize you have to pay to enter.

Only in Naija.

2. When you enter the house party and immediately check if you know anyone.

Where are my people, please?

3. When people enter and run straight to a socket to charge their phone.

Calm down na.

4. When people start asking for wifi password.

Better leave my front.

5. When you get to the party and it’s all guys.

Na wa.

6. When everybody just packs themselves in groups.

7. When someone complains that the music is too loud.

Are you lost? Do you think this is a library?

8. When the party’s playlist is serious rubbish.

What is this nonsense?

9. When they finally pass you the aux cord.

Very good.

10. When the house party is banging but you came with bae.

See my life.

11. When you want to turn up but everyone is just pressing phone.

Are you people mad?

12. When those annoying people put their phone’s screen brightness on the highest.

How is it doing you people?

13. When you see guys struggling for wall space.

Who are these ones?

14. When a babe says “that’s my seat.”

Na your house?

15. When the light comes on and you see who you’ve been dancing with.

Hay God! See my life outside.

16. When you start feeling sleepy halfway through.

I’m too old for all this rubbish.

17. When you realize the party is actually dead.

Bye Felicia.

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