It’s almost like there is some training school all Nigerian parents go to that make them all talk and behave alike.

So, if you grew up with Nigerian parents, these sentences should ring a bell.

1. “…when you’re always pressing your phone.”

big sean ignore

For when they were looking for something to blame your stupidity on.

2. “If I hear pim.”


For when your voice was the last thing they wanted to hear.

3. “My friend”


For when they were at their least friendly.

4. “You’re doing yourself.”

doing yourself

For when they left you to your stupidity.

5. “Clap for yourself.”


For when they wanted to highlight your stupidity.

6. “How many times have they visited you?”

kevin sad

For when you wanted to go visit a friend.

7. “NO!”


For when you asked for ANYTHING that wasn’t directly related to school.

8. “…read your book.”

Rolls eyes well

For when they needed you to stop having fun.

9. “Sorry for yourself.”


For when they couldn’t care less about your apology.

10. “…do they have two heads?”

Eye roll kid

For when someone else did better than you.

11. “…how many times did I call your name?”

think about it

For when they were about to beat your ass.

12. “Put it on my head.”

obama stressed

For whenever you asked “where should I put it?”

13. “I don’t blame you.”

side eye

For when they totally blamed you.

14. “Do you think I’m your mate?”

no ma

For when you tried ‘adulting’ in their presence.

15. “Enter the TV.”

ignoring you

For when you’re too close to the TV.

16. “…you want to fight me.”

how is it doing this one

For whenever you tried to defend yourself or dodge a slap.

17. “Come and eat me.”

idris head tilt

For when you told them you were hungry.

So, did we miss anything?



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