A few weeks back we shared these 14 beautiful pictures of Northern Nigeria which featured some of the beauty in Yola and Bauchi. And we’ve got more images today! This time highlighting the beauty of Kano.

Zikoko contributor, Kolapo Oladapo shared some of his shots from Kano with us:

1. This section of the palace of the Emir.

2. The path to the fourth gate of the palace.

3. This picture of a young boy tending to his horse.

4. What a beauty!

5. A female baby horse being tended to be this young boy.

6. All the suya you could ever want!

7. This picture of the suya village.

8. Hungry yet?

9. This colourful image of fresh food in a market.

10. The Crescent Secondary school’s football pitch.

11. Young men enjoying a football game on the polo grounds.

12. A man in a football jersey enjoying a game of polo.

13. This shot of a Fulani kid.

14. Fulani kids happily riding their bicycle.

15. A Fulani house.

16. This image of the Kano streets.

17. This shot of the Ado Bayero Mall.

All images by Kolapo Oladapo. Got any beautiful shots of Nigeria? Share them with us!


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