1. When you wake up happy and ready to slay at work.

They must know I just bought new clothes today!

2. You now feel one dirty pain in your tummy.

Is that …?

3. And your boobs are now very swollen.

And painful!

4. So you run to check and discover your worst enemy is here.

Oh God, why?

5. When you now have to wear black and black to work in case of stains.

And be looking like a mourner upandan!

6. Second day of your period and you’re like:

It’s like world war 3 in my pants.

7. And everything and everyone just starts annoying you.

For no reason!

8. How your period starts rushing when you stand, after sitting for a long time.


9. You, when your male co-workers ask what’s wrong with you.

I’m fine.

10. How you have to run to poo every ten minutes.

Even the poo is different!

11. And you have to check your bum bum for stains every second.

See stress.

12. When you use all the painkillers in the world but nothing can help you.

See my life o!

13. When you take one sip of a sugary drink and the pain descends on you.

I’ve finished myself today.

14. When you have to use like 10 packs of pad for one period.

Na only me waka come?

15. When you think your period is over and it comes back like:

“Surprise, bitch.”

16. When it now finally goes, you’re like:

Happy to see you go!


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