1. When you finally find that special barber that understands your hairline.

My G!

2. When you get to your barbing salon and everyone has already booked your barber.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

3. When your barber told you to come at a certain time but someone is already on his seat.


4. When the shitty barber tries to tell you his seat is free.

Not today, Satan.

5. When your barber tries to get his apprentice to touch your hair.

Is this a joking sturvs?

6. When you give the apprentice a chance and he does rubbish.

You must be mad.

7. When your barber tells you he has to travel for a few months.

Can I come with you?

8. When you try out a new barber and he butchers your hairline.

I don’t blame you.

9. When you come back after cheating on your barber and he can tell.

It’s not what it looks like.

10. When your barber brings out that powder and you know he is about to salvage your hairline.

My hero.

11. When your barber shaves off the small beard you’ve been struggling to grow.

You foul devil.

12. When your barber starts talking to someone while he is cutting your hair.

Guy, I’m still here.

13. When you enter a barbing salon that doesn’t have this picture of Ludacris:

I don’t trust this place

14. When your barber is trying to arrange your hairline and starts pressing his crotch against your shoulder.

At least buy me dinner first.

15. When your barber puts spirit on your head after he is done.

Is that how you used to do?


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