1. When its one week to exams and those lecturers start fixing triple-period classes.

I’m getting you people o!

2. When you’ve not printed your docket and you hear the portal is closed.

Ah! Am I not finished like this?

3. Jaja boys thinking of what to protest about so they can shift the exams.

”Shey quality of New Hall weed, abi bed bugs?”

4. You will now start seeing some new faces in classes.

When did these ones join this class abeg?

5. Some people will still come and borrow notes one day to exams.

My fren will you gerrarahia?

6. How first class students be in Main Library.

Because these guys are not your mates.

7. You, trying to make sense of all the jargon in your notes.

Did I actually write all this nonsense?

8. You, when it’s exam period and NEPA starts flashing the light.

Its like these people want to die!

9. When you apply dusting powder to night class and people are looking at you funny.

Whachu looking at? Better face your book!

10. When you hear someone has run mad in the library.

Hay God! I bind every spirit of madness!

11. When you see your friend hanging with her guy in Love Garden.

It is yourself you’re doing o!

12. Classes on a normal day VS classes during exams.

Jesoxxx! So there are plenty people in this school like this?

13. When you and your squad are reading in FSS and you hear gunshots in New Hall.

Who wants to die?

14. You, looking for the question the lecturer said is sure to come out.

It must be here somewhere.

15. Wicked lecturers looking at y’all struggling and enjoying it.

“A is for God, B, and C are for me, you people can share the rest”

16. When Sodeinde boys start their wahala rap-battles again.

They will not let someone read in peace!

17. When they’re giving someone malpractice form to fill during the paper and you have dubs on you too.

Please God, just help me out of this one.


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