Most of us have these problems with our gadgets, especially the phones! Oh Lord!

1. When your phone spoils and you just can’t imagine what to do.

Should I just buy a new one?

2. When you try to call in your warranty but the manufacturers say no because it’s your fault.


3. Then they tell you that the price to fix it is the cost of a brand new Tecno smartphone.


4. When you decide that the best people to fix it are the Ibo boys at computer village.

Oh god!

5. When you enter computer village and everyone is trying to grab you.

Wow, thanks guys!

6. When they tell you “oya let’s go to our shop” and their shop is a 30 minute walk away.

Why did I follow this one?

7. When you tell them to fix your charger and they completely format your device.

Kill me please!

8. When you’re fighting the urge not to look away from your phone repairer.

Before you check your phone, and all of a sudden it’s a Chinese iPhone.

9. When you go to fix one problem but your gadget leaves with three other problems.

This isn’t life.

10. When they tell you that the solution to your gadget’s problem is not in Nigeria yet.

Wait, what?!

11. When you try to buy an accessory but you miss the subtle spelling error, so you buy the fake.

Then your earpiece has a full apple instead of a bitten one.

12. When you finally fix your phone and the cost is almost as high as what you’d have paid at the original manufacturer’s repair shop.


13. When you go back a week later because the problem has returned but the shop is no longer there.



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