Phaedra Parks is one of the stars of the show ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘. She is famous for her witty phrases, funny faces and over the top “southern belle” antics. Here are 12 times she reminded us of a church aunty.

1. When you give her good news:

Her favourite phrase!

2. When the head usher asks her to sit somewhere other than her self-designated church seat:

He will smell pepper after the service!

3. When she sees a choir member with a slightly above the knee skirt:

This church is full of unserious people!

4. When she finishes abusing a church member, she tells them:

Thank you so very much ma!

5. When a junior pastor doesn’t greet her “well”:

“I’m not too sure of that man’s salvation.”

6. When someone disagrees with her during bible study:

Please keep that opinion to yourself!

7. When someone tries to wear a hat bigger than hers to church:

You want to start what you cannot finish abi?

8. How she prays over her after-church small chops:

May the fire of the Holy Spirit consume all the fat!

9. When the church tries to introduce a new way of doing anything:

One question. Why?

10. How her and your mum look at each other when the choir is singing off-key:

It’s obvious these ones are not spirit filled today!

11. When someone asks an annoying question during bible study:

Please why are you here?

12. When the pastor is preaching on gossip.

That one is not her business honestly.


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