For those who had girlfriends in secondary school, or situationships if you were a player that early, you must have experienced some of these situations.  Nothing more annoying than it feeling like a relationship in a prison.

1. When a junior comes to tell you your girlfriend is waiting in the lobby for you

It’s lit! Time to go meet the love of my life.

2. When your girlfriend tells you to keep a seat for her and her friends

We must sit together today. Rare opportunity.

3. Making sure nobody dances with your girlfriend at socials

She’s mine and mine alone.

4. When you see your seniors talking to your girlfriend

Please, don’t do this. She’s my all in all, my one and only.

5. When you guys have prep together and you have to write coded notes to each other

Communication channel faster than NIPOST and DHL combined.

6. Fixing meetings in empty classrooms after school hours

Let us “hang out” in SS3D class, yeah the last classroom on the block.

7. Or when she tells you to stay back in class after prep


8. When you have to tell your friends to watch the corridor

Please don’t let me down.

9. And you also have to be on the lookout

Have to be alert at all times, can’t go and slack.

10. When you get carried away and get caught by a teacher

Is this how I get suspended and drop out of school, and become a spare parts seller?

11. And you get paraded in front of the assembly

What an embarrassment. Ordinary kissing.

12. And you know that is the premature end of your lowkey relationship

After all I did to keep it secret. What is life.


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